Benjamin Porter

Computer Science at UT Austin
Software Development Intern at Koddi

Hi! I’m Ben. I study computer science at the University of Texas at Austin. I’m graduating in May 2021, and I’m looking for full-time job opportunities. In my free time, I love to practice the violin, play video games, and cook.

Most of my experience and interest is in backend development, and I’m also interested in scalability and security. I have a good foundation in these areas from school and work, and I’m always looking to learn more. I’m currently exploring virtualization, information retrieval, and security.

I currently work part-time at Koddi, helping to build out the initial version of a unified product platform implemented using a distributed message queue system in Go. I also interned there this past summer, and was integrated closely with my team. I got to make very meaningful contributions across the platform, including real-time bot detection and changes to the code managing spend budgets for ad campaigns.

Last year, I interned at WP Engine, working on an error-tolerant approach for synchronizing invoices between the billing and accounting services used there. The goal was to reduce the manual work needed to close the books at the end of each month.

I also worked at Parasol Laboratory for a summer during high school, where I contributed to a research project simulating protein binding with robot pathfinding algorithms.

Feel free to say hi or take a look around! 🙂